Pregnancy and Shared Care

During pregnancy you should not only take good care of your own health but also go for regular checkups with your doctor.

Shared care is an arrangement between a birthing hospital or other birth setting and your general practitioner. You see your GP for some pregnancy appointments, and you also have hospital appointments in early and later pregnancy.

In Australia, GPs who provide shared care must have extra training and qualifications and a special agreement with a birthing hospital.

Our Doctors across all Medical Centre provide GP shared care services for pregnant women in the local area. We follow the hospital schedule of antenatal care services and make referrals for ultrasounds and blood tests accordingly. Antenatal care is important because it makes sure that both you and the baby are fit and well.


Dr Huiling Li

Dr Tao Geng

Dr Marloes Nordkamp

Dr Sandra Rahme

Dr Lisa Cheng


Dr Tao Geng

Dr Margaret Colwell

Dr Eileen Phuah

Dr Minglei Zhang

Ramsgate Beach

Dr Michelle Yeung

Dr Huiling Li

Dr Marloes Nordkamp