Weight and Wellness Clinic


Living in a healthier way for yourself and your family could be done by improving diets and having regular exercises. 

In the Weight and Wellness Clinic, a multi-disciplinary approach including Dietitian and Endocrinologist all work together to help you on your journey towards healthy weight management and prevention of chronic diseases. 

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On the Scales

Endocrinologist & Consultant Physician

Dr Thaw Dar Htet

MBBS MSc(Endocrinology & Diabetes)(Queen Mary London) FRACP 
Member, European Society of Endocrine (ESE)
Member, Endocrine Society Australia (ESA)
Member, Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)
Member, Australia and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS)
Member, Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society (ADIPS)

Consultant Endocrinologist
VMO Endocrinologist, Macquarie University Hospital 
VMO Endocrinologist, St George Hospital 
Conjoint Associate Lecturer, UNSW School of Medicine 
Clinical Lecturer in Medicine, Macquarie University

Dr Thaw Dar Htet is a consultant endocrinologist who is committed to providing excellent quality patient care. She underwent endocrinology training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. She also holds a Master of Science in Diabetes and Endocrinology from the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. She is currently undertaking a PhD Project at Garvan Institute of Medical Research through University of New South Wales (UNSW). Her PhD Project is a study of personalised management of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Her research has compassed gestation diabetes, type 2 diabetes and pre‐diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome and bone disorders and her research has been presented in international and national conferences and published in peer- reviewed journals.


Dr Thaw Dar has been appointed as a Conjoint Associate Lecturer at UNSW Medicine and enjoys teaching medical students and junior doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital. She is also a member of early career committee at Endocrine Society Australia and is involved in developing strategies to promote career opportunities and development for endocrine trainees and young endocrinologists. Furthermore, Dr Thaw Dar is a member of European Society of Endocrine (ESE), Endocrine Society Australia (ESA), Australian Diabetes Society (ADS), Australia and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS) and Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society (ADIPS).


She accepts referral from all aspects of endocrinology and has special interest in reproductive endocrinology, different types of diabetes and bone disorders.

Consulting Locations: Earlwood and Bangor

Consulting Day:

Earlwood: Alternate Wednesday and Friday 

Bangor: Tuesday



Dr Fay Yu 

Bachelor of Science in Biological Technology
Master of Nutrition & Dietetics (University of Canberra) 
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Technology Sydney 

Accredited Practising Dietitian
Member, Dietitians Australia
Member & Advisory Council Member, Australasian Medical Services Coalition

Fay is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor degree in Biological Technology (Genetic Engineering direction) and a Master in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Canberra. She has been working as a dietitian in ACT and NSW for many years, both in community/organisations and private practice environments. At the University, Fay has performed randomised controlled trial research in assessing the role of Vitamin D supplements in Diabetes Mellitus management. 


Fay specialises in managing chronic diseases through diet and exercise such as Diabetes, hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol), cardiovascular diseases and obesity. She has vast clinical experience in providing dietary advice on food allergy, food intolerance, coeliac disease, elderly nutrition and youth and pregnant women nutrition. Fay is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Australasian Medical Services Coalition in the community. 


Her goal is to inspire men, women and children towards good health and self-belief through tasty nutrition and exercise. 

Consulting Locations: Earlwood and Bangor

Consulting Days:

Earlwood: Sat

Bangor: Mon (Every four weeks)


Stephine Yu 

Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Master of Nutrition & Dietetics (University of Sydney) 

Accredited Practising Dietitian 
Member, Dietitians Australia 

Stephanie is a member of the Dietitians Australia and an Accredited Practising Dietitian. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition and Health (Major in Nutritional Science) in Vancouver and a Master in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney.


She completed her professional training in Concord Repatriation General Hospital and Westmead Women's and Newborn Clinic. She has vast experience in diet and weight management with clients of various backgrounds, including different chronic conditions (e.g. overweight/obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke) and pregnancy. She aims to provide evidence-based interventions to motivate her clients to initiate positive lifestyle diet changes. With her passion for food and nutrition, she truly hopes that her client can achieve their health goals through personalised meal planning and sustainable diet habits.


Stephanie speaks Cantonese and Mandarin in addition to English. 

Consulting Locations: Earlwood and Ramsgate Beach

Consulting Days:

Earlwood: Tues - Thurs

Ramsgate Beach: Mon

stephanie yu dietitian2.jpeg