Practice Policies

Repeat prescription requests

For all over-the-phone requests for repeat prescriptions, please allow at least 3 business days of turnover time. Our Doctors reserve the right to refuse to issue a script without an appointment.  

Transfer of medical records requests

The doctors and centres possess ownership of medical records, and we will endeavour to assist patients in accessing and transferring medical records where possible and in accordance with the privacy legislation. All requests for medical records transfer are evaluated by your usual Doctors and it is at their discretion that they may be released.

If you would like to request a copy of your medical records please do so in writing with your full name, date of birth, signature and contact details. A medical practitioner, solicitor or insurer may request records on your behalf but we will only accept written requests that include your written consent. Please note that it may take from at least 10-45 business days of turnover and processing time for the release of records requests, depending on the records size and nature of the matter. 

Please note that a variable charge may be payable to cover associated production and administration costs. 

Filling Out a Medical Form